The next level of CRT.

MultiPoint™ Pacing and SyncAV™ CRT technology provide more options to optimize cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT).

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Life is full of memorable moments, be it a special celebration, significant milestone, or time spent with family and friends. At Abbott, we create medical technologies to help keep people healthy, so they can experience all of life’s moments. That’s why we offer physicians more proven, powerful tools for optimizing CRT.

Quartet LV Lead

MultiPoint Pacing works by delivering two nearly simultaneous impulses from a Quartet™ LV Lead, allowing for greater tissue activation.

SyncAV CRT technology

SyncAV CRT technology dynamically adjusts AV delays based on the patient's intrinsic conduction to encourage patient-tailored biventricular pacing.


of patients have not historically responded to cardiac resynchronization therapy.4

Response to CRT is inadequate
and unpredictable data >


response rate was shown in IDE study subgroup with anatomically programmed separation using MultiPoint Pacing.5

Manuscript in JACC:
Clinical Electrophysiology >


QRS duration reduction when SyncAV CRT technology was optimized.2

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Why not turn on the next level of CRT? Choose from four lead shapes providing up to 14 pacing configurations when you turn on MultiPoint Pacing, and let SyncAV CRT technology search and adjust timing every 256 cycles.

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Results matter.

In the studied population, responders had nearly 5x fewer heart failure events than non-responders.1 Super-responders were also shown to have a 34% higher likelihood of 5-year survival than non-responders.3

Increasing heart failure response rates by 10% would reduce U.S. health care costs by $26 million annually.1

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Abbott revolutionized cardiac resynchronization therapy and offers the broadest range of therapeutic features for heart failure patients. With 11 clinical studies, 18 published manuscripts and more than 100 abstracts demonstrating the acute and long-term benefits of MultiPoint Pacing, you can trust Abbott to continue advancing heart failure innovation.

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